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Metaphysical Arts & Sciences Instruction~Workshops~Lectures

   private ~ group~ event~retreat


Highly experienced, compassionate, knowledgeable and accessible Educator & Lecturer, B.Ber is a former Dean of Studies and CUNY Adjunct Professor.   Over the past 25 years,  B has created, developed and taught Workshops, Lectures, Guided Tours & Classes through MysticNYC, & AlchemyModerne.  Her diverse, interactive curricula centers on the study, practice and understanding of the Metaphysical Arts & Sciences and their applications in all facets and practices of life. 

Formulated for individual or workshop settings, B.Ber offering hands on informative and inciting instruction tailored to all levels of expertise:

novice to professional.


Each course and class is formulated and presented as open forums, with positive & practical supervision and welcome interaction.  Multifaceted exploration of the practical application of each session's topic is encouraged and illuminated in a safe environment to ensure full, practical understanding by all participants. 


Workshops encompass & encourage hands on interaction, practice and exploration with supportive interpersonal supervision.  Students progress at their own pace, allowing for a positive and productive learning experience and application to life, work and spiritual path.


Please go to Expertise and Services for partial list of subject matter.  


All positive spiritual & belief modalities are welcome & respected. 

No dogmatic agendas are taught:

"Many languages, many paths, many means: all lead to the same end."


Private Instruction; all levels of expertise are welcome. Master Classes are available; each student is evaluated before acceptance.

B.Ber is a highly respected, experienced and engaging Lecturer, speaking nation wide for groups, retreats and events. 


Custom created curriculum is available for Certificate & Non-Certificate education. 


 Please click contact for more information. 











Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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