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Custom Quad-Horoscopes 

for birth & life events 

B.Ber offers and utilizes a diverse spectrum of Astrological systems for Birth Chart illuminations, offering an inside view of each client's personal celestial programming. Combining, plotting and exploring a combination of the client's Quad Horoscope:

Chinese, Mayan, Native North American and Western Birth Astrology.

B provides a deep understanding of personality traits, physical attributes, one's how to excel and evolve to their own best Destiny in this life. 

Astrology is the most common and widely utilized form of Divination. Most cultures, throughout human history have recognized and quantified the cosmic clockwork movement, how it programs and influences existence and personalities. All Astrology is based on mathematical progressions and tracking each planet & star's movement combined with thousands of years of observation of the star's transition's effects upon life and people.  

Utilized as a diagnostic tool, Astrology can assist in navigation in all facets of daily life plus understanding one's physical and emotional self and others. Astrology, along with other forms of divination, can allow one to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives in life.

Quad Astrology yields intricate and in-depth illumination of each person's birth or event chart becomes a personal companion to the client: allowing them to understand their mind~body~spirit programming.

Birth Quad-Astrology charts are utilized in optimization of health and healing, understanding and navigating life with one's life partner,

child or family. 

Custom Quad-Astrology birth charts are available as a thoughtful gift to the self or others: a surprising and welcome birth or wedding gift.

Birth Charts are custom written, one of a kind, printed on parchment and presented in a bounding folder for a lifetime of enjoyment.  


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