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 Karma, Kismet, Free Will 

& Past Lives 


To clearly see where you're going,

you must understand where, who you've been. 

The deeply personal and moving Karma, Kismet  & Past Life exploration with B.Ber, gives one recognition and understanding individual path and balance.  This illuminating session allows for recognition & repair damages, for one to embrace positive and productive emotional, physical and spiritual evolution.  Karma/Past Life session with B is empowers and unfetters movement towards embracing this life's and Destiny's true purpose.

Karma, Kismet and Past life Knowledge are powerful tools to enable one to understand how and when to utilize Free Will: to maximize potential

and fulfill one's Destiny in this and future lives.  

 Humans are universally connected to all things and time: each one of us is integral, integrated and interrelated on our journey in and through the Universe. As our consciousness, Spirits and the eternal spark, the Soul move forward and evolve, our past existences and actions imprint on our Ethereal/Spiritual DNA and guide us to complete and embrace

new tasks and ultimate Destiny.

 On a deep, Intuitive level, we recognize a connection to our Past Lives; we feel Kismet moments, our Karma and past life connections in our Soul's many lives.  Kismet and Karma  recollection are the Universe's tools to direct us to fulfill our own best Destiny.

Past Life is the memory and imprint of our each of our Spirit's lives and connection to our Soul: they're intertwined with many of our past life actions, connections and causalities that do imprint on the present life.  Unfounded fears, illness, phobias, attractions, knowledge and habits often have direct links and root causality in a Soul's or person's Past Lives. 


On or off site Session, through deep intuitive and temporal connection, B illuminates pinnacle moments in the fabric of one's Soul's past lives.  With this information and recognition each client can release outmoded causes and embrace a clear, clean and productive path in this life.

A deeply nourishing and moving Past Life or Karma session with B allows the client to move forward with clarity and recognition of the how's and why's of this life with insights on how to move towards fulfilling

one's true destiny. 


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by B.Ber

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