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Animal Intuitive & Therapeutic LightWork/Reiki

An exceptional Animal Intuitive, B.Ber facilitates and streamlines communication between pet and owner, handler and working animal, human and animal companion.  By opening the lines of communication, B divulges true causality, facilitates resolution of health and behavior issues and allows for a happier and mutually beneficial life together.


Throughout recorded history, Humankind has cohabited with animals; finding comfort, companionship and comradery in our intertwined existence.  People who interact on a daily basis with non-human species are generally happier, better adjusted emotionally and physically &

more empathetic towards their living environment.

Animals are intelligent and emotional creatures with Spirits, Life Paths, Free Will and many believe, Souls: they perceive and communicate in languages that are different than their human companions. 

Bridging the inter-species communication gap can be daunting and at times, frustrating.  Companion animals may act out, seem ill or resist training for no apparent reason.

An enlightening and restorative Intuitive Session by B.Ber bridges the gap between owner and animal sets both on the path of health, healing and understanding. 


Services available in home or on site or via remote, world wide to ensure safety and comfort of human and animals like.

B is an experienced and gentle large animal, exotic "pet",

dog and cat handler. 

Intuitive Diagnostic & LightWork/Reiki Healing for Animals

LightWork Diagnostic and Reiki Healing Therapies are just as comforting and effective on companion animals as they are on their human family members.

Gentle LightWork Diagnostic and Reiki Therapeutic sessions with B to identify issues or causes for your pet or animal's discomfort or fear. LightWork/Reiki Therapies by B will assist in your companion's healing, continued health and robust life.

Remote or on-site LightWork/Reiki Diagnostic and Health Therapy with B, enables your beloved animal companion to live happily and healthfully

with their human family. 


Private, corporate and group consultations and therapies available:

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by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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