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Officiant & Cleric

Weddings~Betrothals~Handfasting  Joining & Bonding Ceremonies 

Divorce & Separation Observances

 Dedication Celebrations

Baby Naming and Family Merging Officiating 

Dedication of  Homes, Sites and Spaces

Custom Created Wedding Contracts

 A Non-denominational Officiant and Spiritual Humanist Cleric,

B.Ber Officiates Weddings, Dedication & Bindings ceremonies that include and embrace spiritual, heritage, personal belief and traditions.  Together with the betrothed, we create that deeply personal, once in a lifetime moment to set the foundation of their lives together.

Each ceremony unites and speaks deeply to and of the new chapter and combined spirit.

Pleased to travel to your location: local or destination events. Namings ~ Memorials~ Dedications 

interfaith ~ multi-heritage~ gender non-specific


Dissolution and Divorce Ceremonies

Dissolving a Marriage or Long Term Relationship does depend on Local Laws but leaves many in an emotional and spiritual void.

Gentle and healing Dissolution Ceremonies are created to bring spiritual and emotional finality, closure and culmination to help each person close that chapter in their life;

enabling for new, centered clarity for the future.  


Katubah or Marriage Contract  

The renewed custom of Katubah or Marriage Contract:  

marital Parameters of Operation,  Codes of Conduct ,

Obligations and Expectations Document.

The binding vows and expiation of each other’s conduct, 

these beautiful dissertations are mutually agreed upon and signed document is a reminder of love, dedication and unity for the marriage or joining.

Suitable for framing, custom written and crafted for each

couple’s heart's desire.


City of New York registration # 1784491

Spiritual Humanist Cleric




Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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