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Healing & Health with  B.Ber

New York City's   preeminent LightWorker

 LightWork: Energy Balance & Modulation to Optimize Health & Healing of the entire being: Mind~Body~Spirit~Environment.

LightWork identifies, connects, modulates and directs divergent forms of matter & energy to balance and optimize & gently assist in the restoration of health and function.   

While Reiki is part of LightWork therapy, it address the physical systems. LightWork addresses the entirety of one's being mind, intellect, body, environment and spirit. 

LightWork/Reiki is gentle, proactive and productive intuitive restoration methodology. 

B.Ber's LightWork and Reiki therapies and diagnostics operate "in and with the Light": with full and open dialog, permission and interaction between LightWorker and client.  These intuitive, noninvasive, harmonious procedures and therapies with full respect and inclusion of the subject’s needs, desires and belief system.  

Working intuitively, on site or via remote connection, B.Ber gently invigorates, restores and balances entirety of one's being: the mind, body, spirit, environment.

B.Ber's LightWork and Reiki blend harmoniously and compliments other productive forms of Traditional, Modern and Alternate Medicines.


LightWork therapies are excellent as regular weekly or monthly maintenance "tune ups" for body, mind, spirit optimization in daily life.  LightWork therapies excel at assisting and maximizing balance and receptiveness during times of aggressive change, healing and health crisis. 

 Medical Intuitive Visualization & Diagnostics 

An integral facet of LightWork is Medical Intuitive Visualization & Diagnostics. Through Intuitive connection, the client's body and being is energetically scanned: nervous system, Meridians, aura, tissue, organs, bone & fluids as well as emotional and environmental state,  energy emanations, rhythm & flow. The sensations, recognition & visualization of imbalance, symptoms and root causes of pain, disorder, illness and blockages become evident.  

Through dialog and interaction between client and LightWorker, ailments and imbalance are recognized, revealed and charted.


Custom gentle and directed LightWork/Reiki Therapy, combined modalities and techniques are arrived upon and executed. Through Intuitive connection with the client's systems, the client's body is directed to gently release pain, blockages and dislodge the roots of disorders. Once the negative or discordant causes are minimized or released,  the body~mind~spirit is reset & directed to enable healing & establish health. The LightWork reinforced reset establishes positive function and allows the client to embrace a more vibrant & balanced existence.

A Medical Intuitive LightWork or Reiki session with B.Ber is excellent for all stages and levels of age, health and well-being.  For maintaining potency and optimum health during everyday life, regular tune-ups facilitate continued balance of mind~body~spirit.

During Health and Healing crisis or with chronic issues, Medical Intuitive Diagnostic LightWork facilitates and maximizes Conventional and Alternate Medical Treatments and is an excellent addition that minimizes, calms and quells medical side effects. 

LightWork/Reiki are gentle noninvasive and refreshing:  the movement and restoration of energy flow and connections of the body, mind, spirit environment can be briefly draining: B.Ber recommends sequestering a brief rest or quiet period after all sessions to allow the body to adjust.

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