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TAROT with B

for life-path illumination

Tarot, is basically, an ancient Computer, Program and Algorithm. As with most Divination, this ancient art and method of connecting with the Greater Universe's trajectory to divulge, project & illuminate ones' life.

Divination, especially Tarot is interwoven into and with the fabric of many spiritual, religious and cultural civilizations and societies. Embracing and combining symbology, numerology, glyphs, mythos, Kabbalah, Egyptology, Religious and societal notations, the present day Major/Minor Arcana deck in itself is a an ancient computational system that utilizes a complex algorithmic system to project divergent, convergent and dominant paths in one's life. 


A primer NYC Reader for over 30 years, with deep understanding of Tarot's complex systems, B illuminates each spread's information, the dominant directions and trends, hidden implications and probabilities: revealing each question's possibilities and paths; the eddies and currents of that moment in the querent's life. 

The questioner then utilizes the Tarot session's illuminating information to support the most productive paths and decisions. B's in-depth Tarot revelations allow the client to maximize the positives and minimize, mitigate negatives in their world. 


B is both a Classic & Intuitive Tarot reader; the depth and type of reading is entirely the client's choice and prerogative.  B's comprehensive and total fluency in the Tarot's symbology and placement make Classic readings informative, enlightening and exhilarating.  As an Intuitive reader, B utilizes the cards and spreads to intuitively connect with and delve deeper into the time, relationships, karmatic connection lines of the questioner and the topic. 

Through B’s deep insightful Tarot Reading and Consultation, facilitates each client's navigation through daily or difficult periods in life: clear paths are unveiled, helping to manifest the best course of action in life’s situations. B's information allows the subconscious and subliminal to become self-evident;   empowering and enabling the client to select the most fortuitous path in their lives. 

All Tarot services are available world via zoom, skype, phone or email. 

Discrete, private, small group sessions are available on site in home, office or public space.  


Event Tarot 

B.Ber is an accomplished Event Tarot Entertainer and Reader: her Readings are an outstanding, proactive, entertaining and memorable addition to group, event or corporate functions and retreats. 

please click contact button to schedule a private, group or event Tarot session.


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by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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