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Metagemology® by B
Gem, Mineral & Crystal 
Radiant Crystal Qi Therapy

Metaphysics, "beyond physics"

Exploring the fundamental multi-fold nature of being, the world &

the universe.

Metagemology®: "beyond gemology"

 The application of the multifaceted attributes of the gem, crystal  and mineral kingdom to the balance and health of the physical, spiritual and metaphysical existence.

B.Ber is  a  widely recognized Authority in the Metaphysical & physical application, identification and utilization of the Mineral, Gem and Crystal kingdom.  

B is credited for creating and teaching Metagemology and Crystal Radiant Qi Therapy platforms and techniques. 


Crystal Radiant Qi Therapy is the practical application of Metagemology to LightWork/Reiki  Health & healing arts and sciences.  Crystal Radiant Therapy enhances, optimizes & aligns all echelons of the person and environment.  

Crystal Radiant Therapy functions in harmony with LightWork and all positive modalities and medicines to balance and optimize the

Mind, Body, Essence & Environment. 

 B.Ber combines her expertise in Metagemology, LightWork/Reiki and other proactive practices to boost, enhance and attune health & healing therapies. Through specific selection, combination and placement of Crystals, Minerals and Gems on the person or environment, B directs the combined and enhanced energy to target, positively augment & balance. The combined harmonized & attenuated Radiant Crystal Qi saturates mind, body, spirit or environment to heal, calm, restore, balance and optimize.

Radiant Crystal Qi  is an excellent companion therapy to Conventional & Alternate Medical treatments and application.


Whether quelling or calming a sanctuary,  living or work space, gently restoring the natural functions of the body or quelling pain and discord, Crystal Radiant Qi Therapy gently attunes and restores the natural optimum balance of mind~body~spirit~environment. 

 Crystal & Mineral Tonics & Elixirs custom created by B.Ber by to be taken internally or used as a topical to maximize healing, calm, quell or energize and optimize. These benign tinctures and infusions combine the Mineral Kingdom's healing attributes and energy with pure water and topical oils. Long term use of these gentle healers assist in attainment of balance of self and health.


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Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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