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Spirit Guides


Ethereal Companions

& Cosmic Guides

 Ethereal Guardians Totems, Angels, Spirit Guides:

those who walk in Tandem with Soul & Spirit, this lifetime and throughout lifetimes.

The Universe communes and guides our lives in myriad of ways and signs and noted throughout human history.  Totems, Spirit Guides, Angelics and Guardians are mentioned in ancient text and every spiritual doctrine. These watchers, protectors, guides;  

beings of light and energy who exist on a plain outside of our own, stand at our sides, gracing our lives & illuminating our way. 


These beings transmorph & manifest in dreams, on the physical plane or in the mind's eye. They are here to assist, protect and guide us to positive, productive choices to navigate to our own best Destiny throughout this & all our lives.


In our hurried, driven lives we lose sight, faith and ability to feel and see their presence and at times, our own place in our world. At times, we feel as if the light in our life has dimmed, we are alone; empty shells adrift in a sea of hollow existence.

Totem~Spirit Guide~ Angelic~ Ethereal Guardians communion with B.Ber assists to identify, connect, commune and interpret the messages and incorporating the information into a thriving, productive existence. 


These combination connection and educational sessions are enlightening, elevating and redirecting consciousness to connect with both the true self and your Angelics~Guardians.  

B guides each client through direct and streamlines a continuous joyous connection with one's Guardian beings of light.

When one has questions about a Totem or Guardian appearance in their lives. A consultation with B  will clarify and help one to understand the signs, signals, visitations and visions. 


This service is available remote, world wide.  

1 on 1, in group or off site, working within your personal belief system, B offers nourishing communication, communions and re-connection with personal or environmental Totems, Angelic and Ethereal Guardians.

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by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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