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Environmental Sweeps, Cleanses &  Rehabs.

Metaphysical Practitioner B.Ber is fluent in many world wide techniques and practices, including Feng Shui and EcoQi, to successfully cleanse, balance and create a safe, nurturing and healthful sanctuary in your home, office or communal space.  Unlike many Practitioners, B.Ber not only cleanses energetic space: it is reset and dedicated as to the needs of the client;

to be safe, sealed and secure. 

Many times an environment is energetically polluted, chaotic haunted, energetically contaminated by past inhabitants, poor design or catastrophic events.  EcoQi and environmental balance can and will help, but proper identification of the cause, quelling and release of different types of entities or pollution are needed to ensure a safe and calm environment.

B.Ber identifies and both the cause of the imbalance or discord: utilizing case specific techniques and with respect to the client's belief systems and needs, B cleanses, resets and rehabs the environment to create a safe sanctuary. 



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by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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