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The Art of Crystal Sphere Divination

.Scrying with B. Ber is a gentle & informative vision quest: together, B and the subject delving deep into the core of each question with visions of past or future, truths and connections: bring forth beautiful prismatic colors to illuminate your path in this life.

With B as guide and seer, this graceful tool becomes a visionary tool into the eternal self and one's place in the universe.


Scrying: to Gaze Quartz and Mineral Crystal Spheres & Mirrors is one of the oldest methods of enhancing and attenuating intuitive and divination abilities and connections.  Egypt's Hebrew Mystics Gazed Obsidian and Beryl spheres to explore the future & divulge hidden information. Atlantians and Mesoamericans utilized Crystal Spheres & Skulls to communicate over long distances and understand their Deity's will. 


By the 19th century, the art of divination, Scrying crystal Ball had receded into oblivion and stagecraft.  Through decades of dedicated & intensive study,  B.Ber has mastered the ancient art of Scrying to illuminate past, future, present times lines and illuminate hidden causes.


Gifted Scrying seer,  B.Ber orchestrates Tandem Gazing sessions utilizing the Crystal Sphere as a bridge and gateway to connect the couple's psyches and emotions. This technique illuminates each person's deep thoughts, feelings, connections and intertwined paths; facilitating understanding and clear dialog between the couple. 

Tandem Gazing Sessions are a wonderful method for couples to see and comprehend the "other side" of their significant other's story, allowing for gentle dialog, reconciliation, respect and consideration.


B offers professional appraisal of crystals and crystal spheres of all types.

A highly recognized Instructor, B offers Group & private

Scrying ~ Gazing instruction.

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by B.Ber

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