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Life Force Therapies

 balance, restoration & revitalization

Medical Emphatic Diagnostic & Treatment

 diagnostics & therapies: on site or remote


reading, syncopation & revitalization

 Aura/Ethereal Field

evaluation, balance & restoration


Crystal, Gemstones & Mineral Prescriptives & Therapies 

Past Life & Karmatic Reading & Evaluation

Illumination & Life Correlation, Exploration

 Divination: Intuitive Counseling 

Tarot: Private, Corporate, Couples & Event

Medium: Spirit & Location
 Animal Totem & Spirit Guide

Communion & Dissertation

Scrying~Gazing/Crystal Ball

Reading, Training & Evaluation

Time Line Projection & Vision Quest 

Past, Present, Future & Environmental

Ethereal Guardian

Connection & Communion

  Animal Intuitive

 diagnostics and communication

EcoQi Environmental

Cleanses, Vitalization & Sanctification

Personal Sanctuary/Bio-environmental Design

Wedding Officant & Ceremonial Cleric


                            Alchemy Moderne 


Private & Group Lectures & instruction

~ Metaphysical Arts & Sciences: practices and procedures

~Directed and Targeted Meditation

~ Healing Arts & Applications: novice to professional

~ Merging Spiritual foundation with Metaphysical Practice

~ Directed Meditations : healing, health & balance 

~Metagemology: Crystal, Gem & Mineral Healing & LightWork

~ Tools of the Trade: creation and use of Mystic tools.

 redboxjade emporium

ethereal adornments to enhance existence

Appraisal of Gems, Minerals, Gemstones, Roughs & Objects'd Art.

Custom Design & Creation of Metaphysical Tools of the Trade

Gem & Mineral Elixirs & Topicals

Pendulum ~Talisman ~ Wand ~ Staff ~ Scepter ~ Altar

Sourcing Gems, Minerals, Crystals, Antiques & Flora.

                             all services are by appointment: click icon 



Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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