2nd Halfpath


2nd Half Path Life~Health~Wellness Coaching, Intuitive Consultation offers interactive, respectful, non-invasive, gentle, supportive counseling, guidance and therapies to assist in optimizing all stages and phases of life.  

~Working in and with respect for each individual~ 

~Recognition of Core Direction and Goals~

~Nonjudgmental identification of obstacles and arcane programming~

~Custom creation of an evolving, multi-discipline, flexible life regime

embracing recognition, productive prospective & successes~

 ~Gradual and productive release of old blockages and outmoded behavior: replacing with positive & productive methods and practice~

~Integrating medical, personal and environmental parameters to

optimize existence and maximize a new 2nd Half Path


Health & Wellness Coach

Intuitive Counseling 

Directed, Health & Targeted Meditations 

Life Support & Balance

Custom Crafted Dietary Culinary Regimes 

Movement & Exercise Council 

Harmonic Sonic Therapies

Personal Whole Body~Mind~Spirit Training

Eco-Qi Environmental Balance and Design


2nd Half Path Consultation evaluates goals and true desires for deeper fulfillment; identifying blockages, counter productive behavior & outmoded programming.  

Flexible and evolving regimes are custom created to assist in release of arcane, chaotic behavior; to replace and optimize the centered and balanced self and life life.  Together we create productive and proactive steps towards realization of personal goals. Clients embrace a new, reinvigorated & energized existence:

open to all positive possibilities & enabling each client to live a clearer, cleaner,

more nourishing life.


 2nd Half Path  Consultation regime is custom crafted for each individual or couple utilizing a combination of Genetics, Metaphysics, Spiritual, Environment, Diet and Physical.  Starting with in-depth evaluation session: a detailed evolving strategy is created: through regular Consultation sessions, the client gradually moves towards stability, balance and independence. 2nd Half-Path Consultation is specifically created to have the client embrace attainable goals and life path: to move freely and autonomously with Consultation Tune-ups as needed.


2nd Half Path Consultation is available for singles, families, couples and groups: embrace the 2nd half of your life in joy and satisfaction.



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by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker