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the LightWorker's Codex

a Monograph of LightWork Physics & Metaphysics

 now available for purchase:




“ LightWork: the open and proactive practice, study, interaction and application of different and interconnected forms and wavelengths of Qi to accelerate, accentuate, modulate and balance existence on the Mind~Body~Spirit~Environmental levels.”

B.Ber, The LightWorker’s Codex


The LightWorker’s Codex is the comprehensive guide to the Intuitive connection to Qi, Life Energy: the step by step procedural for positive, productive, proactive utilization of the Intuitive Self, Physical and Ethereal Senses.

The LightWorkers Codex compiles, explores and codifies ancient to modern tools, techniques, terminology of the world’s Metaphysical practices into core LightWork Mind~Body~Spirit practicals.


The LightWorker’s Codex is the seminal, indispensable support text enabling and empowering beginner to expert; fostering the growth and evolution throughout all EnergyWorker’s life and journey. No matter one’s training or doctrine, The LightWorker’s Codex illuminates core components and building blocks that are applicable and adaptable to all reader’s doctrine, faith, belief, healing therapeutic health platform and practice.

From Sfirot/Chakra to Astral Projection, Elemental Connection to Qi movement, Intuitive and Ethereal Sensory Perception to Magnetic Therapy, Spectral Spirits to the Spirit and Soul, the LightWorker’s Codex is the accessible, quintessential guide to LightWork all Energy Work Therapies, Healing, Identification of the personal to global Mind~Body~Spirit~Environment energy.

The LightWorker's Path:

to balance Body~Mind~Spirit~Environment to optimize existence.




Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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