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Welcome to RedBoxJade

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  RedBoxJade's services, newsletters, web/pod casts and instruction are positive, proactive and applicable to all faiths, denomination and belief systems.  The Metaphysical Arts and Sciences practiced and executed by B.Ber are based on the Hebraic Kabbalah's ancient and transcendental truths: to balance the Mind~Body~Spirit~Environment and connection to our universe.  All services are targeted to augment, attune and optimize the client, in open, interactive and nonjudgmental methods.

B.Ber's LightWork, Divination and Intuitive services are provided in the Light: with full recognition, respect interaction and

authorization of the client.  

RedBoxJade Metaphysical services are safe, noninvasive, harmonious methods that harmoniously augment all productive treatments; to foster awareness, personal exploration.  Restoring balance and connection to and of mind~body~spirit~environment.  


2nd Halfpath Consultation  

Life Path, Health and Wellness Consultation and Guidance

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments; 

dialog and knowledge are indeed, power.  

I greatly look forward an open conversation;

meeting and working with you.

Once again, Welcome!


LightWorker ~ Practitioner ~ Counselor ~ Educator  


Arts &  Sciences

by B.Ber

Consultant  ~ Practitioner  ~  LightWorker

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